Amy K.

Dear daughter, she likes this tiger diamond painting very much and made it by herself, I hope she is happy !


I ’m a newbie, I ’m practicing slowly, I love the shiny pen that BESTYW sent me, it looks so beautiful
The quality is really good, more beautiful than I thought !

Cathy w.

love my shiny kitty!

Mindy J.

Maria S.

Mystery painting

I was very pleased with the quality of the canvas (poured glue) and the drills. It was joy to work on it.

Lisa P.

Dark Unicorn Square Diamond Painting

20x26.5 in MY favorite by far. The details came out spectacular. Thank you Pretty Neat Creative!

Zoe C.

Peacock Girl Diamond Painting

Very pleased with this, it’s brilliant and so colorful

Jamie V.


Easy and fast!

Naomi M.

Best one I have seen

I love there is only letters and no symbols

Opal T.

I thought it was a

I thought it was a great experience I loved working with the picture.I would have liked to have the round ones though the square ones are a little harder to work with.

Katherine T.



sandra m.

The letter "S"

I absolutely loved the way my kit was packaged! The gem applicator is so pretty. I only wish they came in silver as well as gold. Every thing I need for the kit is printed very clear and bright. I will definitely be ordering more paintings!

Kelly M.



Mary C.

Dark Unicorn Square Diamond Painting

Great fun

Sandra E.

Fly With Little Angel Square Diamond Painting

This ANGEL is beautiful

Barbara Y.

Winter Snow Cowboy Diamond Painting

It was fun doing this! Loved it!

Hannah V.


My sister loves it! She hasn't stopped using it

Ryleigh L.


I received this after about 10 days, and all the beads were present. All the materials are made of high quality materials. I love the accessories I got with my order. Very pleased with the quality of everything!

Roberta F.

Train Spotting Diamond Painting

Loved doing this train one, it looks so beautiful and train mad husband is happy !

Leticia R.

Dachshund Art Square Diamond Painting

Loved working on this for my daughter... The packaging was great and all the drills were there. Always very pleased with PNC paintings.

Jazzy N.

Paris Gem Kit

Really fun to use

Jadon R.


I love gem painting I'm so addicted! :)

Josiane F.


We're so excited to paint this one! Thank you again for an awesome custom!! This is our fav hobby now. I'll get our next kit through you again!!

Elaine K.

Light Pad A4 For Diamond Painting

I have no idea how I managed without the light pad. The picture shows you how much more you can see by using this wonderful aide. Anyone who does Diamond painting this is a must have.

Edna C.


Thank You so much for these lovely kits. I was not expecting to get macaroon wax holders with them, and the quartz pen is beautiful. I can't wait to get started on the mystery kit. I have never done one before. The colors of the diamonds are just beautiful. I will be ordering more from you in the future.

Lisa G.

Fawn Great Dane Dog Square Diamond Painting

Will be starting this one after Christmas! It made me so happy to find a Great Dane DP as I have had them for 18 years and recently lost my last girl. I will be posting progress pics for sure!

Linda J.

DIY Cute Owl Light Diamond Painting

was a beautiful gift for my granddaughter for Christmas and she loved it! Was so nice to work on somehting that did not have to be hung on the wall

Donna L.

Summer Hummingbirds Square Diamond Painting

This was to be a gift for my wife who loves hummingbirds. The finished product was so much more beautiful than the picture on the PNC store. Quality is awesome!

Silas H.


Awesome! It took a bit of time to get here, which is to be expected considering how far it had to come. The packaging was great, the picture well protected. I highly recommend this company.

Kelly C.

My new favorite hobby

I loved my BestYW! The only problem is that I was addicted to working on it and might have avoided some chores. :-) All the tools worked great, and the finished product is stunning. I do wish they shipped a little faster - it was hard to be patient (but I did order during the holidays).

Cathy L.

Hubby at fluffy concert

The squares were of uniform shape and size but a bit spacey. My husband had a pea green shirt on but in the diamond painting he had a pale yellow shirt.

Vicky E.

Love my shiny artworks!

Amazing small and large customs. Arrived in great shape and clearly printed. I wasn't sure how to actually paint it but BestYW from the support answered and helped me super quickly!

Sydney S.


The painting I ordered was great and i got a tool kit with it. Overall the experience was great.

Leticia R.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

I absolutely loved my custom of my Dottie who is in doggie heaven.. I ordered the 30x40 but this vendor went above and beyond and sent me what would look great for my picture 30x58.. Thank you PNC

Sarah D.


My experience was really good

Anne W.

3D Tiger Diamond Painting

I love this picture. I couldn’t stop working on it. Enjoyed it so much. I love the way the picture is divided up in sections, and I love the drills in self sealing bags. Everything is excellent quality. Had a fab time doing this picture.

Cindy V.

Lighthouse Diamond Painting

I love it. It turned out beautiful. I made it for someone else, but I wish I could keep it.

Belle W.


Fantastic results great communication, service and quality will only use this company for future custom projects thanks everyone involved

Carole P.

Round Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Absolutely love the canvas and the details.

Dianne M.
First product ordered from this company

The clarity of the symbols and the legends on the canvas was amazingly clear - however - I found the square drills to end up a bit further apart than I hoped. But overall I love the quality!

Mary E.

Eleanora S.


Wow!! They are quick and I’m totally in love with everything. The pictures are turning into perfection!

Amy B.


loVe, LOve, lOvE my new hobby. I am so happy I found this site on FB. Scrapbooking was getting to be a task, Adult Coloring was getting old, but BestYW..... Just what I needed. I have 6 finished, 1 I'm working on and 5 more waiting on me! Then I look and think... I want that one!

Joanne M.


Very good

Lacy F.


I love my starry night artwork! I love all the small accessories I got with the kit. I already know which one will be my next (custom).

Katherine T.


Love products thank you for the mystery kit in bonus and can not wait to order again

Alex-Ann G.


I really enjoyed doing this. I think it is now my new passion. It is relaxing and satisfying at the same time. I also want to say that I got really good customer service when I bought my first BestYW. Thank you!

Donna L.

Fairy On The Moon Square Diamond Painting

OMG, I absolutely love this picture. I have more done than what's shown in the picture, I am to the cat

Kali R.


BestYW is so relaxing! I was expecting to get easily frustrated with this product, but it is super fun. I’m already interested in buying more and I haven’t even finished the first one I bought yet!

Mary C.

Cherokee Owl 5D Diamond Painting

A joy to create. Great drills , canvas nice and sticky. No popping off of the drills. Looks amazing .

Nicole S.

Square Custom Multi Diamond Painting Picture

I’m so excited how this big 5 panel picture is turning out. I had my son stand beside the middle panel to show how big it is. He’s 6’5”. I’m working on the 2nd panel and can’t wait to see the out come. I had a video of it, but the site will not allow me to post. But I posted it on PNC Facebook page a got a ton of likes.

Dovie W.


This was my first custom and it was packaged with the canvas around a noodle then wrapped in plastic and placed in a box with the tools and gems, then placed into shipping heavy duty plastic covering. No creases or damage to canvas. The gems are well organized in resealable bags, labeled with the canvas key #, DMC #, and how many gems in each bag. They are shiny, clean and dry, with no static cling. I am extremely impressed.

Georgiana F.

My Son and Daughter In Law Wedding Photo


Diane M.

Red Floral Vase Square Diamond Painting

This photo is just one of the three panels. Loved working on this project. Same legend for all three panels which made it that much faster to do.

Julie B.

Yorkshire And Socks Diamond Painting

This is so cute. I wish I had ordered it larger as it would show details better. I’m addicted to these diamond paintings.

Rowan M.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Largest painting I have done......great christmas present for my friend...

Jennifer G.

Yorkshire Square Diamond Painting

Finally finished the Shih Tzu and ready to be framed for my friend, Hope she loves it like I do.

Ann S.

BestYW from Photo

Love it. Wanted a special picture of mum for her birthday. Had a ohoto picture created. Have just completed the gemming. It looks great

Donna A.


Beautiful products! Love the design options!

Paige A.
I have not yet finished my piece but I am so happy with all the different colors I got. The accuratesy is so good I wish I would have gotten a bigger one tho I think it would have made a better picture. But in am very pleased with it and cant wait to see the finale result


Transparent Plastic Drill Storage Box Diamond Painting

Now I can start organizing my drills. Will need more for the rest. Also have to get labels for these.

Mrs C.

Amazing diamond art kit.

I was so impressed with my diamond art kit that arrived. It had everything listed in advert and came securely packed. The diamond pen is gorgeous. Extremely pleased. X

Kerri K.

First BestYW

I love it! I have a lot of stress and anxiety and this was the perfect activity to keep me entertained and focused. My only comment is I wish there were more storage bags - I tend to work in sections vs one color at a time and at times I didn't have enough resealable bags. I made it work, though! Will definitely do another one.

Shirley H.

Round Custom Diamond Painting Kit

This is my grandson and his family. This is the first time I have done people and it is beautiful! Everyone who sees it is astounded at the beauty!

Amber S.

Paris Balloons

The kit is perfect I cant wait to start it. Even the small canvas can in a tube! There was little damage to the tube due to shipping but the canvas wasnt bothered at all it was perfect. The tube did its job by taking the beating in shipping and saved the canvas.I opened it evaluated it and made sure all stones were there and they are. I love that it comes with rounded tweezers, a wax tub, and an inventory sheet. Definitely will order from BestYW again.

Torie G.

Super cool

It took awhile, get the small one for a short project. I got the middle sized one and I’m still working on it! A little expensive, but I like how the pieces are square for the outline, unlike other places like these.

Victor A.


I ordered a custom all was great I did have issues with some of gems being cut too large.

Lauren B.

Floral letters

Awesome. The finish product was breathtaking!

Mackenzie B.


amazing. very calming and a lot of fun. one of the best crafting projects i have ever done!!

Lynn L.

Diamond paintings

Awsome took about a month to get here in Canada but Awsome bought 3 all look very good love them

Anna F.

Horse In Dream Diamond Painting

The round drills fit like a charm and the symbols were easy to read. The 40x50 size turned out very well! Thank you for an amazing kit!

Roberta M.

Beach VW Car Square Diamond Painting

This is going to be beautiful when I finish. The drills have been great to work with and the quality and colors are fantastic. Thank you

Leticia R.

Harry Potter Owl Square Diamond Painting

I am so pleased with this painting.. It was packaged in a box. And everything was accounted for. The drills are perfect. Even the 310s..

Olivia G.

I love it so much

This keeps me occupied for hours I love it so much!!!

Mindy J.

Virabhadrasana Space Special Shaped Diamond Painting

This is a lovely diamond painting and fun to complete. Don’t let it fool you into believing it is too simple because it has lots of pieces. I have to say, I was One piece short but was able to substitute another piece on both sides to balance it.

Mrs.Karen M.

Religion Mandala Square Diamond Painting

My first Diamond Painting , WIP, almost done. I’m so excited ! It is coming up very nicely. No problems at all with product. Can’t wait to finish and hang

Rochelle S.

American Big Truck Round Diamond Painting

My brother is a truck driver and a patriotic American. When I saw this picture, I just knew that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for him.

Dyani A.

Christmas in January

I had so much fun trying out BestYW's mystery kit! It came out so cute, unfortunetly, due to shipping from overseas, my package took a month the arrive and by then Christmas was over. But that's okay! Because now I have a piece of art to hang up next year! The other kits I brought are beautiful! Though the sizing that BestYW's provided as a visual aid for buyers to make purchasing the right size was a lie. I ordered both kits in the largest size thinking it would fill my wall, as the photo suggested, instead it looked more like a medium leaning towards a large. BestYW's sizes only come in centimeters so measure before choosing your size and don't use their visual aid as your determining factor! Nonetheless, they are beautiful, I just wish I got the size kit I thought I was being promised...3.5/5

Gigi N.


This is an amazing craft. I’ve received everything in the package in a timely manner, very good quality. Beautiful results. I love it. I ordered 3 more pictures and i’m working on my 3rd project now.

Carol H.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

I uploaded a picture & received it but found I ran out of #3772 and can not finish I hope you can help me.

kris h.

Very fun

I wish I had been able to preview what the picture would look like. I would have gotten a bigger size

Debra M.

Lion King 5D Diamond Painting

I am so enjoying these kits! They are beautiful when finished. I am working on number 3 now !!!

Amy S.

My biggest custom so far

This is my biggest custom so far (XXL) Everything shipped quickly, was easy to do. I even rat out of gems and within 24 hours they responded and shipped out more. Thank you, BestYW!

Meros F.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

It was very relaxing and I am excited to be nearly done with this project I can’t wait to have it framed. I will definitely consider working on another as soon as this one is done.

Lori B.

Love these!

My husband and I did a picture of us. It was super fun and relaxing! It’s a nice way to spend quality time with family! We want another one soon! We were missing one color but I noticed it at the beginning so I emailed them Anne they had no issue mailing us out some! They took a little while but so did the picture so we got it about the same time we were finishing up. It worked out and costumer service was great!

Claire M.

The Winter House - Frame + LED Lights

I love this its so addictive!

Lenora B.


Fun, calming art. I love it.

crystal h.


Love it but missing one pack of colored diamonds didn’t have enough of 648 so waiting for more to come in the mail but I definitely love it!!!!! Will be ordering more diamond paintings soon!!!

Kerensa S.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Absolutely love this custom pic of my girl/



Unfortunately, the bag has opened with 310. but I got my replacement fast. otherwise great as usual.

Dixie S.


The result is absolutely incredible! Amazing customer service, a great product idea and the finished product is a beautiful piece of art. Communication is great. I even got new gem for free after my bulldog puppy destroyed the halfway finished project I was working on. The replacement just came and all the gems were there. I love you guys!



I like it, it looks cool especially when you shine light at it

Jerel H.


This is my new fav hobby! I highly recommend this product and company. BTW Thank you for the gift

Cannon, J.


Lots of fun. Good for killing time.

Janette G.

Missing Beads - Only For Our Customers

I’m totally addicted!

Katelyn C.


I love how my diamond painting came out!!

Tiffany G.

Very nice

Very nice kit, well made.

Mona M.


While I haven’t completed this project (or even started it!), all supplies were included, and look great

Becky W.

Dark Unicorn Square Diamond Painting

It is so awesome looking the details are great. Its gorgeous. Looks just like the picture n was a lot of fun creating.. I made it for a gift n I can't wait till Christmas. Its going to be a 5D diamond painting kinda christmas

Marlissa C.

Big White Shark Diamond Painting


Kelly K.

Great idea

So I ordered my paint gem on December 1, 2019 and just receive it early February 2020. I understand paint gem can’t help after they ship it but it was just aggravating when it’s a Christmas gift. Please let people know that it could take 2 months to get the paint gem. But would still recommend !!!

Deborah M.

Cat Mandala Square Diamond Painting

Beautiful frame up.

Carrie W.

The Irish Cat Patricks Day Diamond Painting

I had a great time making this one, Its so cute!

Tracy P.

Square Custom Diamond Painting Kit

I am very happy with this WIP it is going to be beautiful. Packing was not the best but am coping

Bobbi T.

Piano Girl Square Diamond Painting

I struggled with the “confetti “ and I wish I had rounds. I probably have like a 100 more drills to find their home. She is beautiful though

Judy D.

Superior quality kit

"Smoke Flare" was the sixth gem painting kit I've completed and it was of superior quality compared to the others. The square gems were of consistent size and none of them were stuck together. They arrived in zip-closure bags, so I didn't have to supply bags myself, unlike the other kits. The included tools were also of superior quality. A nice pair of tweezers, and the placement tool had a comfort-grip and two multi-placement ends, 4x and 10x. The gem tray was larger and nicer than all the other kits' too. My only complaint was that they could have used simpler symbols--some of the symbols for similar colors were too similar. For example, Instead of a musical note and a quarter-rotated musical note with a dash through it used in a similar color, they could have just used Arabic numbers 0-8 and capital letters ABCDEHJKLMNRSTUVWXYZ. With that minor exception, this kit was a pleasure to use, and the resulting picture is gorgeous!

Alana P.


I was very happy with everything except it took about 2 weeks to arrive

Denise M.

Polar Bears Family Square Diamond Painting

Just perfect pix

Patricia O.

Lion King 5D Diamond Painting

I completed the 16 x 20”, square drill Lion King 5D diamond painting. I knew I had to have this diamond painting the moment I saw it on the PNC website! He is just so majestic! And as with other pretty neat creative diamond paintings that I’ve worked on, this was a top quality product. The canvas was super sticky, no misshapen drills, and more than enough drills to complete my dp. My package arrived in great condition with everything included as promised. I’m really a fan of Pretty Neat Creative...

Jeanne D.

This company knows to pay attention to small details

I love everything, the packaging, the zip lock bags the cookiewax and the big stone pen! I will share my result when I finish.

Gigi N.


This is my second order and i’m So happy with the results. Amazing craft .

Emily A.

Four seasons

Very relaxing and beautiful results

Louise G.

Girl With A Red Hat Diamond Painting

I absolutely love Art Deco and this says it all. Next time I will go bigger in size. Decided it needed a lacey background.

Sandra J.

Sexy In Red Square Diamond Painting

The canvas and drills were in great condition excellent shipping package what a pleasure to work on this one s o relaxing and enjoyable

Lydia K.

My pleasure

Everything was great! I have got an amazing picture!

marcel t.

So nice

Love them!!!so easy and colorful!!!

Claire M.

Village Landscape Diamond Painting


Diane M.

Cats Russian Square Diamond Painting

This one is one of my favorites (might be because I used to have a black cat).

Alyssa M.


unbelievably stunning and had an amazing time making it !

Tyffanie S.


Mine just came in yesterday and I love it

Frankie D.

Grizzly Bear Diamond Painting

This was my first diamond painting and veering the person that I am, I went all in. 40x50 full square drill. I loved every minute. Everything about this was awesome I couldn't of been happier with the quality of canvas and drills. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

Emma N.

Indian Girl Chief Square Native American Diamond Painting

Very beautiful! Thank you PNC

Alexandra B.

Love BestYW

Loved every minute. My daughters love creating.

Rebecca A.

Magic Owl Square Diamond Painting

This was my first one and it was awesome. The diamonds stuck really good. Loved it

Tracy E.

Stick it out, it’s worth it

I was very impressed by BestYWs communication from ordering, delivery and following up on a question I had. At first I was concerned because the colours didn’t make sense to me (there was purple in my black hair, green on skin and blue in my Husbands grey jacket). It ended up being stunning at the end. So if the same thing happens to you as you’re completing your custom photo, know it’ll get better at the end. Also- I did the XXL on my first attempt and I highly recommend that size for custom photos. It gets the details in.

Kellie M.


Loved it all thank you

Ella K.


The only thing I'm not happy with is the symbols they use. Many are very similar in shape and color. Though, It came quickly and everything seems to be included which I'm happy with.

Sandra W.


I've fine at least two other kits from other companies and so far, this one has been the best. The square drills look so much nicer than the round ones, it's easier to tell the difference on the mat with letters only, rather than symbols and such. I will be ordering a custom one again when I finish the three I got for Christmas.

Louise M.

Great fun!

I really enjoyed my BestYW kit, it comes in great packaging, everything is in great condition and quality. It's so easy to do and watching it all come together is a great process! Highly recommend this product!


DIY Christmas 2019 Greeting Card Diamond Painting

Shar P.

Seascape Garden Diamond Painting

Just beautiful!

Jessica B.

Eagle Motorcycle Square Diamond Painting

It turned out amazing! I was missing one set of beads and they were quick to get them sent to me right away so I could finish this eagle. I will be ordering from pretty neat creative again!!

Kathleen C.

Sunflower 5D Diamond Painting

This one is so much prettier than the photos.

Elaine P.

Life German Shepherd Round Diamond Painting

After a little problem I had when I recieved the first one it was soon resolved and a replacement was sent when I did it it turned out lovely and I gave it as a present to my friend and she loves it to thank you pretty neat creations