We designs and manufacture the highest quality diamond painting in the world

What is Diamond Art?

Like a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting is the new creative hobby that’s taking the crafting world by storm.

You simply apply colorful resin rhinestones to richly-pigmented canvas paintings. The result? Visually dazzling, mosaic diamond artworks that sparkle, shimmer and shine.

Our quality shines through

Just like the hours you'll spend crafting your Diamond Art, we’ve invested years into assuring that the quality of our materials surpass anything you’ve ever seen. Every single canvas is a labor of love for all.
Our Story

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My name is Bridy, 38 years old

A few years ago, I experienced a long period of pain and anxiety. Due to the double blow of career and marriage, I can't find my direction for the time being. I need to take care of my 3-year-old son.

I'm sorry to tell you all this. In fact, what I'm talking about is not to complain to everyone, but to tell all my friends that if a person is responsible, you must learn to cheer up and work harder for the future.

The good news is that my former business partner brought me to the diamond painting.Free me from depression and pain.My son and we both like the design on the canvas.In the process of making the diamond painting.It greatly relieved my stress, and my concentration can keep me from thinking about anything that makes me irritable.

I gradually liked and fell in love with diamond paintings, and I also found many problems. So I set a goal for myself, to have my own outstanding products that can be distinguished from existing products. Solve common problems in the diamond painting industry. Be sure to find the best diamond painting products for friends who like stone paintings like me.

After discussing my ideas with previous partners, we quickly formed an elite team. Our philosophy is to build a website that sells diamond paintings with honesty and transparency.

They are relatively enthusiastic about diamond painting, and they are good at researching and discovering problems, and improving the diamond painting kits sold on all lines. We attach great importance to every detail from canvas, diamond materials, tools. After we perfected all the problems and products, BestYW was officially born.

We are in China, our headquarters and production plants are all in China. More than 90% of the world's diamond painting products are made in China. There is no doubt that no matter which country it is shipped from, it is basically produced in our own factory in China.

Because we have the best geographical advantage. We visited and compared many diamond painting factories. There are about 30-50 companies that compare and screen the production process and quality one by one. Because we are responsible for every diamond painting, and we must also produce the best diamond painting products for diamond painting lovers. Then finally two factories were selected for cooperation.I am very happy that now we also have our own factory

We have strict requirements on the material of the product. The use of high-quality paintings and environmentally friendly resin material diamonds allows our fans to have the most shining and three-dimensional diamonds. We use square diamonds because square diamonds look more Round diamonds bits are better and more three-dimensional. We do provide 30% more diamonds than you really need to ensure that there are no missing diamonds in your set! will try our best to provide you with the best quality diamond painting kit. We will not forget our original intention. Honesty and transparency are our top priorities. We hope that our story will provide you with a wealth of information and answer all your curiosities.THANKS