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Custom photo kits are made-to-order and are none-refundable. Sometimes (very rarely) we make mistakes, or the activity/picture doesn't turn out to be what as described, and it might be that the only resolution is a refund. Please send us an email or a message on facebook and we will do everything we can to ensure your concerns are answered and the refund process is as smooth as possible. Further details of the Refund Policy can be found on our website.

​​Diamond Painting is a new type of craft where stunning artworks are created with tiny eco-friendly gems. ​​ ​​

The process of picking up the gems and placing them onto the canvas is easy, relaxing and is perfect for stress relief!

Beginners may want to choose the smaller canvases (30cm/12" or smaller). While these will have less detail compared to the larger sizes, they are cheaper and you can experience the joy of your first completed canvas much sooner.
This will depend on the size of the canvas you choose as well as the speed at which you can apply the Gems to the painting. A small 20x30cm (8"x12") canvas may take up to 15 hours if it's your first time.
This is typically an adult activity. There are many small parts (the "gems" rhinestones) that will be a choking hazard to toddlers. We will have a section soon that will contain super easy canvases specifically for children ages 4 to 10.
This changes depending on which one you ordered, but the canvas will either be packed in a padded mailbag or a padded rectangular box. Standard kits have 2 layers of protection; the canvas itself is wrapped around a foam tube to prevent creasing, and the entire package is twice wrapped in bubble wrap. You will have to buy a frame separately.
If you need to chat with us for any reason, whether to inquire about a product or to request a return/exchange, you can Email us or send us a message on facebook messenger or email
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Adhesive Canvas Printed with colored symbols and covered with adhesive layer [ x1 ]

Labeled Gem Packs Each pack contains different color from your canvas [ x30 - x60 ]

Multitype Pen Will be used to transfer the gems from the tray onto the canvas. [ x1 ]

Tray Pour gems from a single color for easy access [ x1 ]

CookieWax Jar Macaroon shaped wax jar. The tip of the pen needs to go into the wax first. [ x1 ]

Tweezers Will be used to adjust the positioning of your gems placements. [ x1 ]

Step 1 Peel off the film covering the pre- printed canvas

Step 2 Identify a symbol you’d like to work on

Step 3 Pour the gems into the white tray

Step 4 Dip the pen into the macrons’ wax jar

Step 5 Use the pen to pick-up a gems from the tray

Step 6 Place the gem onto the canvas symbol

Step 7 Don’t have patience? Try our pen extensions